Our Mission

VMT has always offered a product portfolio for ODC solutions for many industries and is thus one of the leading global trailer manufacturers. VMT reacts with traditional rapidity and skill to customer requirements and thus provides today the solutions for the transporting tasks of tomorrow. VMT still relies today on the strengths that once made the company big: Passion for transport. Quality characterised by engineering. Innovations that have earned this name because they provide the customers with benefits. And the reliability of an owner-led family company with long-term perspectives.

In addition, VMT sets great store by the continuous development of their products and services to be able, in this way, to guarantee first class quality and optimum trailer/axles availability. The targets for the next few years are thus clearly established: healthy growth with high-quality all trailers at the optimum priceperformance.

  1. To be the most reliable and trusted trailers manufacturer, by adhering to commitments with endeavour for zero defective, on-time delivery, and standing by its customers, in their even dire need
  2. Aim for customer delight, by rendering ultimate transportation solutions and amazing customer services by understanding their critical requirements and accordingly offering innovative as well as efficacious solutions, mainly for ODC transportation resulting in cost effective and intact deliveries
  3. Adopt appropriate business processes integrating IT to achieve and maintain highest level of cost effectiveness and time efficiencies, enabling flexibility and responsiveness to dynamic customer needs
  4. To emerge as a sole ODCs and Hydraulic trailers/axles manufacturer for all transporters and logistic service providers to collaborate and co-operate for synergy and bringing impetus in the transportation industry