Our Vision

Since 1960 VMT, as an innovative leader, has been setting the milestones in the development and manufacture of Mechanical, Extendable, Telescopic, Skeleton, ODC, and Hydraulic trailer solutions that find a lot of interest both nationally and internationally in truck transport circles. The highlights in the history of VMT are the ground-breaking innovations with which VMT time and again sets innovative market standards, such as the first Hydraulic Trailer and the first Extendable trailer.

Innovations from the VMT company have been characterising the modern ODC transport for decades traditionally and have finally become the sector standard. VMT is often the pioneer in the sector. In combination with in-house know-how, the requirements of our customers in the marketplace successful solutions with added-value in many aspects. VMT focusses deliberately on benefits and advantages to create long-lasting added-value for the forwarding and construction, defence, mining, railways, metros, ports, power, oil & gas sectors.

Being a leader in Over-Dimensional Cargo and Hydraulic Trailers, VMT believes in building associations rather than just money. We worth our clients and care for them with full honesty and dedicated towards our work. We have aim to position an organization with remarkable strength by showcasing. Due to work reliability, we have reached on best position and became successful in manufacturing Specialized Trailers like ODC and Hydraulic which is a matter of great pride for us. We maintain always our humble of work and show stability in any dealings. Our well-trained experts meet the deadlines and offer you services remarkably on durable time. Our vision to provide affordable and durable Specialized or Special Purpose Trailers that easily fulfil your all kinds of requirements. Our clients find complete benefits with our services.

Our vision is to earn lots of appreciation as the leading provider of ODC, SPTs, Hydraulic Trailers in India and abroad. Our aim to provide SPTs of highest quality to those people who need to carry their special consignment, where safety comes first. We believe on our excellence standard, dedicated employees, best trained engineers, mechanics, and operators that make sure the customers view on our services as the ultimate Specialized Transport Trailers.