VMT Axles & Trailers Rental Services

Expand your fleet with the rental vehicles you need,
when & where you need them.


We're always innovating. Always thinking up new ideas and creating customized solutions to tackle the challenges you face.


To ensure a trailer's performance and reliability, we employ a comprehensive maintenance program. We also make sure there are no hidden costs with our trailers. With VMT, all normal maintenance expenses are included in the rate, including brake and tire maintenance.

To reserve, you must contact VMT directly to rent any trailer. When you need to rent any heavy-duty trailer:

  • Hydraulic axle trailers
  • Telescopic/Extendable trailers
  • High-bed/Platform trailers
  • Semi-lowbed trailers
  • Box truck trailers
  • Container trailers
  • Skeletal trailers
  • Truck trailers
  • Car carrier trailers
  • Refrigerated box truck trailer
  • Stake truck
  • Single axle truck/tractor
  • Double axle truck/tractor (prime mover)
  • Double axle puller (VOLVO, Scania, Mann)


  • Light weight, steel construction available
  • Increased payload capacity

VMT has the option you want. Our commercial trailers deliver security and efficiency. For any trailer rentals, VMT offers business customers reliable, well-maintained equipment, ready for the long & heavy haul.


With thousands of rental trucks to choose from, rent the right commercial truck from VMT for the right job every time – for the job site, a move, or that next delivery.


Meet those spikes in demand without having to expand your fleet. VMT offers you one of the largest selections of Heavy-duty Hydraulic Axle trailers with different payload capacity of 18,000kg, 26,000kg, and 36,000kg per line axle rentals in India and in South Asian countries.


For a heavy-duty windmill blade and tower transport trailer rental perfect for business, rent from VMT.

You want to keep loads secure and move them efficiently. VMT Rental understands. Our telescopic/extendable trailer rentals support commercial success.

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