About VMT

VMT, a company that focusses on the future and always takes the long-term view in the development and production of its all trailers/axles, which are extremely robust and durable. With top-quality engineering and quality materials & components, the finish of VMT trailers are excellent. Hardly matters, how complicated the job and how long and heavy the load is, VMT keeps the things moving!!!

Started in 1960, VMT is now an International Brand with outstanding 6 decades of experience and powers of innovation. VMT works round-the-clock to develop extremely robust and intelligent solutions for on- and off-road heavy-duty and oversized cargo haulage besides airport operations. VMT indeed has an impressive global reputation for effective solutions in the challenging field of multi-modal transportation. VMT’s uncompromising commitment to practical vehicle design is combined with the highest standards of production and customer oriented sales and service. The result is Hydraulic Axles that are finely tuned for your purpose. The production is based on the highest technological standards for extremely economical and highly reliable operation.

Since 1960, VMT brand has maintained its standing as quality leader in the international market and the competition. VMT’s driving force is to consolidate this position at a time of global economic challenges and its overriding objective to guarantee a strong future for the company itself and its employees (the internal clients) of course.

VMT’s plant at Manesar occupies over 7000 square meters of grounds with more than 300 employees produce vehicles for payloads ranging between 10 and over 75 tons. So far, VMT has delivered more than 7000 Axles to over 100 companies across the country and overseas. VMT is a top performer and global operator.

VMT is a friendly bunch and loves to hear your thoughts, comments, and feedbacks