Services at VMT

VMT's commitment doesn't end with the delivery of your trailer. Protect your investment and save valuable time by dealing with a manufacturer-backed service shop that knows this product better than anyone.

All other makes of products welcome too – our Service Technicians are well-versed in a huge variety of transport equipment and are here Round-the-Clock to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


  • ABS & Air brake time testing equipment
  • Air & electrical repairs
  • Annual Maintenance Contract [AMC]
  • Brake jobs
  • Breakdown Assistance [24H]
  • Competitive shop rates
  • Consultations with trailer designers as required
  • Customer services
  • Hydraulic repairs
  • Inspection of trailers
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Quarterly Customers Meet [QCM]
  • Repair & service of trailers
  • Sandblasting & paint booth
  • Selling & buying of used trailers
  • Spare parts availability
  • Steel and aluminium welding
  • Trailer modifications


  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Chassis Repairs
  • Air & Hydraulics
  • Welding

Get Your Trailers Repaired/Serviced by VMT Experts

Our Service Centre harnesses VMT’s expert trailer knowledge and high-quality workmanship to keep your trailer working its hardest throughout its entire lifecycle. We handle everything from preventative maintenance to full restoration.

VMT has recently opened a Service Centre at the main facility, to complete a wider range of trailer service work. The Service Centre is designed specifically to service trailers like Hydraulic axles, Telescopic trailers, and all Mechanical trailers.

Please contact us today to get your trailers services. If you have multiple trailers of different brands, ask about our fleet discounts.

Trailer Service Offerings [ALL BRANDS]

All Models
TIER 2**
All Heavy-duty
TIER 3***
Most Heavy-duty
Brakes Welding Repair Used Trailer Restoration
Air Flange Strapping New Decks ****
Electrical Small Option Items New Necks ****
Suspension Flip Connection Replacement Subframe Replacement ****
Minor Paint Touch-up (I.E. Wheel Covers/Ramps) Cross Model Modification ****
Alignment Hydraulic Troubleshooting Side Rail Replacement
Inspection Repaint (on our work only) Repaint on Used & Refurbished Units
Preventative Maintenance New Decks **** Deck Inserts
Hydraulic Hoses & Leak Crossmember Replacement  
Axles Product Structural Repairs ****  
Decking Re-crowns  
Minor Weld Repair Flip Necks  
Extend A-Track Repair Spreader Bars  
  Spreader Bars  
*Work that requires minimal support and can be performed on all models & brands.
**Work that requires med-level support and can be performed on all heavy-duty model & brands.
***Work that requires maximum-level support and can be performed on all heavy-duty models & brands.
****Work that requires prior VMT Engineering agreement. Customer must sign preliminary drawing before production.

Trailer Drop-off Information

All service orders will be processed through our customer service department only, based in the Head Office. To drop your trailer off at the service centre, you’ll turn Manesar Plant in Haryana.


VMT is of the perception that in today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality and beneficial output from any trailer/axle depends on its repeat performance. To get repeat performance, trailers maintenance is a key factor. Maintenance of trailers requires special skills. Every transporter may not have specialized maintenance team to take care of all variety trailers/axles. VMT has an experienced & qualified team of technicians, engineers, mechanics who render support in maintaining not only the trailers from its own plants but also from other manufacturers as total technology is available with it.

You as our esteemed customer can rest assured that even after the expiry of warranty period of trailers/axles, you’ll continue to enjoy the same care and benefits through this plan which will safeguard you against uncertainty and inconvenience.

In order to help its customers in getting the best throughput from the trailers, VMT has introduced the concept of AMC for the Transport Industry. The demand of AMC is rising day-by-day due to its effective results and load carrying capacity. Also, our AMC is known for its effectiveness.


Assured, reliable, effective, and unlimited services: In order to serve you as often as you want, we have got a dedicated team of professionally trained engineers and mechanics across the country who are just a call away from you.

Reliability: VMT is a 6-decade old brand having zillions of satisfied and loyal customers across the world. We listen and care always for you. You’ll be most delighted to rely on us.

Saves from unexpected failure cost: Almost all the major operational parts except few (like Bolster, Gooseneck, etc) and labour charges are covered under our plan. These Extra-ordinary benefits come to you at amazingly nominal cost.

Use of genuine and branded spares: VMT uses only company approved parts because you have every right to expect the best.

Convenience: Get round-the-clock access 7 days a week through VMT’s personalized WhatsApp service in any part of the country. VMT leverages its nationwide service set up to bring simile to your face.

Guaranteed satisfaction: In the highly unlikely event that VMT is not able to fix your trailers/axles even for the reasons beyond its control, VMT will refund the plan money on a pro-rata basis.

Bonus rewards: VMT rewards its customers also who take extra care of their trailers by providing bonus coverage period upon the renewal of their plans.

Fabulous Upgradation Offers: VMT enables you to enter the new world by offering unbelievable discount offers and exchange schemes on your existing trailers/axles.


VMT better understands that the power of in-person interactions is now more valuable than ever. No doubt, in today’s virtual age, manufacturers rely heavily on Internet-based sales & marketing strategies. This can certainly be effective in raising brand awareness. However, face-to-face QCM is often the most effective way that foster trust and lead to solid, long-term relationships. VMT believes that being at the front to meet and greet customers by name has always been crucial to its success. Now that VMT has a trusted team in place, and creating a Transporters Community in the form of QCM at its Head Office in Delhi.

Face-to-face QCM builds relationships and ultimately builds trust.

At QCM, VMT has the opportunity to ask relevant questions about the customer’s situation and listen attentively to the responses, before explaining how the product or service can offer benefits. These kinds of interactions are much more difficult when contact is limited solely to the phone or virtual realm. At QCM, VMT listens to its customers patiently, their concerns, answers their questions honestly, provides high-quality products, and serves them with a high level of integrity and support. Resultantly, they are typically happy to share referrals from within their families, communities and other networks.

Together with its expertise, VMT serves and shares its experience, new technology, new products & services, market conditions, etc. with its customers by organizing a QCM in different cities of the country and mostly at its Head Office in Delhi.

"If a transporter just sees my product as an advertisement, he might say, 'OK, I'll try it,' but if he actually has contacted with me, when we have a conversation about it, I think it will have more of an impact that way," Gurvinder Singh – MD.

"At the end of the day, exercise is exercise--you can get that anywhere. But it's really about how you make people feel, and I think that something technology hasn't taken away from us is face-to-face communication,"..


We’ll Get You Back on Track!
Breakdown – No problem! VMT would be pleased to come to your assistance quickly and make the job easier for you. VMT provides rapid assistance in the event of a breakdown. You can call VMT breakdown assistance from anywhere within India and Asia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. VMT will make sure you arrive promptly at your destination with minimum fuss.

If the worst comes to the worst, VMT 24H assistance offers you many services for your trailers. Whether caused by an accident or external forces - you can contact the VMT 24H Breakdown Assistance at any time. To be able to provide assistance as widely as possible, the VMT Breakdown Service is available in three languages: English, Hindi, and Punjabi. In almost all Asian and African countries you can drive without worry because you are able to rely on us at all times.


A New Service for the Asian Transport Industry
If you are interested in a second-hand Hydraulic axle, Telescopic trailers, High bed trailers, Lowbed trailers, Tip trailers, Tippers, Tankers, Car carriers, Box trailers, ODC, or any Special-purpose or Mechanical trailer besides your pullers/horses which have already proven its worth; or if you like to sell used trailers, in both cases, VMT is the right place for you.

We offer various second-hand trailers of different makes at competitive prices for your haulage or construction company or will take your used vehicle as part payment. To know more about this, please visit our Head Office in New Delhi or visit our website.

The high-quality finish and durability of materials makes it possible for second-hand VMT trailers to work just as well for a second owner. For this reason, we are offering a platform for selling and buying second-hand trailers.


Want to sell used trailers and create space for the new ones! VMT would be happy to take your old trailers as part payment. We buy any used trailers of any make which are in decent, roadworthy condition. Feel free to call us for second-hand trailers for sales and let us advise you accordingly!


Want to buy a second-hand trailer! Before we resell second-hand trailers, we go over them with a fine-toothed comb. We check the axles, the chassis, the electrics as well as the brakes to make sure they work properly so that you, as the second owner, receive a used trailer in perfect condition. We document the state, the age, the mileage as well as the service components of our used trailers.

This allows us to quickly find a suitable trailer for new buyers which matches your requirements as regards budget and equipment. We look forward to your visit to our VMT Office.


Providing consistently good advice throughout the country and Asia!

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority! We always want to provide you with the best advice and service. We provide quick, straightforward support with complaints and manage warranty claims competently. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have experienced executives and engineers across the country at your disposal. Our customer services division will provide you with advice and support:
+91-981-050-2799, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Quality and Speed to Your Advantage
Quality and speed are the pillars that form the basis of efficient transportation. Our VMT parts division offers you all the parts and accessories that you need first hand. We are ideally prepared to meet your needs with our extensive product portfolio. Our central parts warehouse in New Delhi is ideally set up to cater for your needs as well as guaranteeing maximum availability of all spare parts throughout India & Asia.

Quality and speed are the pillars efficient transportation is built on. So as to be able to rely on a high level of availability of spare parts across the country, should a problem arise, VMT supplies hundreds of different items for your trailer. Don't compromise when it comes to spare parts. Whether wear parts for the chassis and body, or accessories, VMT spare parts are impressive with a perfect fit, maximum security and increase the resale value of your trailer.

Our sales department keeps hundreds of different items in stock. Orders for items that are kept in stock are dispatched the same day. Delivery is tailored to suit your preferences, either via an overnight express service, parcel post, or forwarding company. VMT spare parts and accessories are impressive with a perfect fit, maximum security and increase the resale value of your trailer. First-class service when you order a part. So, make use of the most direct way to get your parts: The VMT spare parts team would be glad to help you select the right item.

So, make use of the quick and easy way to get your spare parts. The VMT spare parts team would be glad to help you select the suitable item. We would be glad to answer your questions.

Services & Maintenance

+91 981-050-2799,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.