VMT Heavy-duty Hydraulic Axle Modular Trailer (HAMT) is a combinable road-going transport trailer 2 – 8 axle lines with a total payload of up to 5,000 tons.

HAMTs are the logical continuation of the proven Hydraulic Axles concept. The Heavy-load modules with hydraulically driven axles are the perfect solution where conventional heavy-load trailers no longer have sufficient pulling force to move extremely heavy loads, or if the use of trailer units has to be dispensed with altogether for reasons of space.

VMT offers transport and logistic industry the two different systems, each of which can play a vital role in the optimal performance of a complex transport operation. The following common features apply to all VMT’s axles of different capacities and ensure maximum transport efficiency and contribute to transport safety:


  • Roads-friendly
  • High-tensile steel
  • Minimum turning space
  • Maximum agility
  • Maximum steering angle
  • Ideal transport stability
  • Perfect load distribution
  • Excellent suspension system
  • Maximum payload capacity
  • Available in different length
  • No excessive loads
  • Best manoeuvrability
  • Quick & easy loading process
  • Made with all international and quality components & materials
  • Optimal payload axle load ratio
  • Optimized for use on the road and on the construction site
  • High mileage and low wear due to 19.5” axle and brake system
  • Quite economical and maintenance-free for years
  • Much lower price than the other manufacturers
  • Branded & quality axles, rims, tires, suspension cylinders
  • Interoperability with existing trailers from other brands 100%
  • Reinforced lamellar bolt coupling
  • Optimized deadweight for maximum payload
  • Low design, extremely sturdy and reliable
  • Minimum beam height for maximum load height
  • Low centre of gravity for safe transport conditions
  • Flexible possibilities for loading process
  • Easy & safe adaptation of steering angles
  • Cargo-friendly vehicle handling
  • Safe through hose rupture valves
  • Transport safety through optimal ground contact
  • Easy movements in narrow roads
  • Optimal utilisation of permissible axle loads
  • Ideal for manual control steering
  • Steering system for 3 to 4 modules
  • Flat platform useful for the transportation of loose items
  • High mileage and low wear due to brake system
  • Hydraulic axle compensation with a stroke of up to 600 mm
  • Optimized for use on the road and on the construction sites with high loads
  • Steerability of axles are excellent due to which trailer is capable of cruising at high speed without wobbling
  • Vehicle frame with high bending moment


  • Goosenecks for 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 axles units
  • Toe bars with steering device for 4, 5, 6, and 8 axle lines
  • Long material turbines with self-tracking devices
  • Telescopic excavator decks

The combination options as well as the user-friendly operating concept makes the VMT HAMT a guarantor of flexibility and economy for the most complex of heavy-duty transport jobs.


Besides the compatibility, the VMT HAMT offers seamless interoperability with identical vehicles from other manufacturers.


The goods/areas where VMT – HAMT can be used are:

  • Bulky goods, long materials, and heavy loads
  • Bridge elements
  • Conveying and crushing systems like demolition and recycling industry
  • Crane systems like cranes, weights, crane components
  • Heavy construction machines like excavation and road construction, recycling, etc
  • Industrial parts like Crane-loaded goods
  • In-plant transport of payloads up to 5000 tons
  • Long material transport on public roads
  • Offshore structures like drilling platforms, wind turbines, platforms, pipelines, etc.
  • Pipeline elements
  • Power stations, transformers,
  • Ships or parts of ships
  • Structural elements like steels and concrete elements

VMT has a series of heavy-duty HAMTs and are available with following options:

a)     Standard Version (Jupiter) Code: HAMT-SV/18TJ
b)     High Version (Saturn) Code: HAMT-HV/26TS
c)     Greater Version (Uranus) Code: HAMT-GV/36TU
d)     Maximum Version (Neptune) Code: HAMT-MV/45TN