High-bed Trailers

General information

VMT trailers are tough built for heavy-duty transport jobs and well-known for the highest reliability in roughest conditions. VMT always uses high-quality alloy/high tensile steel for the chassis and superstructure and European and Indian components. Its trailers are robust, reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. Its all trailers are custom-built from the ground up without compromises. VMT tailors individually trailers and vehicles to every transport requirement and particular tasks.

VMT Platform/High-bed Trailers are ideal for use in the haulage industry for general heavy haulage and specialist transportation. Standard models include the 44 tonnes tri axle platform and extendable platform. VMT High/Flatbed Trailers are manufactured in accordance with customers Trailers specification.

VMT Platform Trailers are built to meet the specific needs of its customers. Individual requirements are reviewed in-house and a range of options ensure the trailer supplied meets the requirements of the customer. The trailers have a carrying capacity (3 axles) of 40 tonnes gross and extendable versions are available making them ideal for general and bulky heavy haulage.

VMT’s Conventional Platform Trailer ensures maximum transport efficiency and safety with the following

Standard Features:

  • Lowest loading height
  • Light weight, high strength, & low maintenance
  • Higher quality paint process
  • Vehicle frame with high bending moment
  • Best manoeuvrability
  • Excellent suspension system
  • High mileage and low wear due to axle and brake system
  • Optimized for use on the road and on the construction sites with maximum loads
  • Steerability of axles are excellent due to which trailer is capable of cruising at high speed without wobbling


The goods/areas where PLATFORM TRAILERS can be used are:

  • Bulky goods, long materials, and heavy loads
  • Bridge elements
  • Crane systems like cranes, weights, crane components
  • Industrial parts like Crane-loaded goods
  • Long material transport on public roads
  • Offshore structures like wind turbines/blades, platforms, pipelines, etc.
  • Pipeline elements
  • Structural elements like steels and concrete elements
  • Transport on public roads with a payload of approx. 40 tons

VMT PLATFORM TRAILERS are available with following options:

A. Platform Trailer (Single Axle) Code: CT-HB/1X/13TS
B. Platform Trailer (Double Axle) Code: CT-HB/2X/26TD
C. Platform Trailer (Triple Axle) Code: CT-HB/3X/40TT
D. Platform Trailer (Quadruple Axle) Code: CT-HB/4X/55TQ



CHASIS One number of longitudinal telescopic type chassis - Built up from alloy steel.
All steel welded construction
2 parallel flange beams of ST-52 or equivalent grade steel running along full length of the trailer
Cross members – rolled or folded positioned at suitable locations
Material – IS-2062/ST-52
3.15 MS chequered sheet platform
12 optional twist locks to suit 1-40 feet container, 2-20 feet container, 1-20 feet container at the centre
LANDING LEG JOST or equivalent – make telescopic two speed gear legs.
SUSPENSION 12-ton capacity tridem axle leaf spring Mechanical suspension (German/American type) or air suspension with load equalizing brackets (specially intended for overseas market). Type of leaf: Free ended semi elliptical leaf springs.
AXLE Fully dressed-up TATA or equivalent axles (13T – 16T) with a carrying capacity of 13 tons each, are provided.
KINGPIN 2” – 3½" YORK or equivalent (bolted or welded) Kingpin dimensions as per DIN 74083 and ISO 4086. The front end of the trailer has got a rubbing plate with a Kingpin for coupling with the fifth wheel of the puller.
TYRES Size 1020 16 PR – from JK/Apollo/Continental/MRF or any other brand according to price and client’s demand.
WHEEL RIMS Lemmerz/Kalyani make twenty number of rims with 10 holes & bolts and size 7.50 x 20 (specially intended for overseas market)
BRAKE SYSTEMS Twin line air brake system is coupled to trailer brake system. S-Cam type brakes.
The trailer is provided with a braking system which can be integrated with the puller brakes through palm couplings provided in front of the trailer.
Special feature of Anti-lock Braking System [ABS] can be added to the braking system which prevents skidding and knifing of the trailer when brakes are applied.
GUARDS There are animal crash guards fitted on either side of the trailer besides a guard at the tail (end of the trailer as shown in the drawing attached). On one side of the trailer under the chassis, bracket is provided for mounting the spare wheel.
TOOL BOX There are two number of Tool Boxes given under the chassis for storing the standard working tools and consumables. They can also be locked by a pad lock as shown in drawing.
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Voltage 24V DC – The trailer has got an electrical system consists of side lights fitted under the skirtings. Tail lights, brake, lights, and indicator lights, which come as a single unit and is fitted on both the ends of the rear cross beam. There is a socket provided in front of the trailer for coupling with the puller’s electrical system.
LASHING RINGS Seven number of Lashing Rings on each side of the trailer are provided as shown in drawing.
a) Machine blasting Airless blast cleaning with metallic shot
b) Manual blasting Cleaning & refinement of the material surface
c) Joint sealing To prevent the spread of rust in gaps and paintwork
d) Priming 2 coats of primer besides active corrosion protection
e) Top coat Final coating with 2 coats of Axalta paint
f) Sealing To prevent corrosion in corners and hollow spaces

VMT reserves the right to modify or change specification at any time!


Starting from date of vehicle taking over, 12 months unconditional warranty on body and welded construction. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of broken parts due to construction faults and does not cover damage caused by improper use.