Skeletal Trailers

General information

VMT trailers are tough built for heavy-duty transport jobs and well-known for the highest reliability in roughest conditions. VMT always uses high-quality alloy/high tensile steel for the chassis and superstructure and European and Indian components. Its trailers are robust, reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. Its all trailers are custom-built from the ground up without compromises. VMT tailors individually trailers and vehicles to every transport requirement and particular tasks.


Enhanced stability, renowned reliability, and backed by many years of VMT innovation since 1960. The VMT Skeletal Trailer range is as flexible as you are, offering a wide array of styles, options and configurations to suit your work load. Their low profile, strong but lightweight design delivers logistical solution to meet any transport need.

Designed to withstand rigorous wharf loading conditions, VMT Skeletal Trailers are low tare, high payload trailers that work with you to give you a competitive cost advantage. VMT’s long established attention to detail means that every twist lock is built to last and finished in to make accurate and fast container loading much easier.

Gain fleet optimisation with the Lead Skel’s ability to hook up to most other trailers for carting a range of different goods. Use the Lead by itself or combine with a tag skeletal trailer for maximum payload.

VMT’s Skeletal Trailer comes with wide spaced main beams and low-profile frames combined to deliver a lower centre of gravity and enhanced stability which aids in driver comfort and safety. Available as either a standard Skel or drop deck, the Skel can be configured as either a Single or Tag trailer.

CONFIGURATIONS that will transport various container sizes:

  • 10.5m Lead TL2 (one 20ft container, tri-axle)
  • 10.5m Lead TL2 x 2 – this trailer has two positions at which to carry a 20ft container whereby a lighter container can be carried at the front if the container on the tag trailer is heavy.
  • 10.5m Lead TL6 B-Double (one or two 20ft containers, or one 40ft, tri-axle) – this trailer incorporates folding bolsters at the rear of the turntable so that it can be configured as either a lead or a standard Skel trailer
  • Quad Axle Heavy Duty Lead Skel – used in a B-Double carrying 4 x 20ft or 2 x 40ft containers on wharf work


  • VMT trailers are specifically built to provide owners with leading edge logistical solutions that deliver low tare weight and high payload advantage
  • The computer-aided design delivers a chassis with superior strength, performance and durability
  • VMT’s high quality two pack paint, applied over a grit blasted and primed base, ensures long lasting good looks
  • With wide frames and a low centre of gravity adding to its durability, the VMT Skeletal trailer is the original work horse
  • Twist locks are to make container loading fast and accurate
  • LED lights are standard, providing long and reliable life and adapting automatically to varying voltages in truck power supplies
  • VMT trailers come with a reassuring one-year warranty

VMT SKELETAL TRAILERS are available with following options:

Skeletal Trailer (Single Axle) Code: CT-ST/1X/13TS
Skeletal Trailer (Double Axle) Code: CT-ST/2X/26TD
Skeletal Trailer (Triple Axle) Code: CT-ST/3X/40TT
Skeletal Trailer (Quadruple Axle) Code: CT-ST/4X/55TQ


DIMENSION (in feet)
Length – 20/40 Width – 8.5 Height – Standard # of Axles 2,3,4 Payload capacity – 25 – 60 tons
  • All steel welded construction
  • 2 parallel flange beams of ST-52 or equivalent grade steel running along full length of the trailer
  • Cross members – rolled or folded positioned at suitable locations
  • Material – IS-2062/ST-52
  • 8 twist locks provided to suit 1-40 feet container and 2-20 feet container
  • Optional 4 additional twist locks to suit 1-20 feet container
Axles – 3 axles (13 tons each) of TATA or equivalent brand are provided TATA or equivalent
Kingpin – 2” kingpin equivalent to IS:6763 Part I provided YORK or equivalent
Suspension – 12 tons capacity tridem axle leaf spring suspension with load equalizing brackets VMT or equivalent
Landing leg – Two speed mechanical landing leg with large pad feet, one-side operation, 24 tons total lifting capacity and 60 tons static YORK or equivalent
Rims – 12 in no for 3 axles (each trailer) AMW or equivalent
Tyres (nylon) – with langot (size 1020) with 4 tyres each axle JK or equivalent
  • Twin line air brake system coupled to prime mover brake system
  • Trailer brakes are actuated from the prime mover
  • Manually actuated parking brake
  • T24 brake chamber provided in all axles
  • QRV or LQRV provided for enhanced braking efficiency
Mudguard – Plastic moulded  
Electrical items – Side Lights, Parking lights, Indicator lamps, Reflectors & Tool Box, Two-pole 24 V wiring, suitable conduit piping with 5-point connector to receive & transmit electric power from the prime mover. Signalling systems indicating parking, direction blinkers and all systems. FIEM
a) Machine blasting Airless blast cleaning with metallic shot
b) Manual blasting Cleaning & refinement of the material surface
c) Joint sealing To prevent the spread of rust in gaps and paintwork
d) Priming 2 coats of primer besides active corrosion protection
e) Top coat Final coating with 2 coats of Axalta paint
f) Sealing To prevent corrosion in corners and hollow spaces
All data mentioned above, are approximate. Depending upon additional options and accessories & the selected trailers unit, deviations are possible. VMT reserves the right to modify or change specification at any time!

VMT trailers are custom-made the measurements can be modified to your specific requirements.


Starting from date of vehicle taking over, 12 months unconditional warranty on body and welded construction. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of broken parts due to construction faults and does not cover damage caused by improper use.