To transport extremely heavy and long windmill turbine blade – Telescopic Trailer from VMT is the ideal solution with single to triple extendable decks and a loading length of up to 60-Meter, a VMT Telescopic Trailer adapts perfectly to haul 45 meters to 75 meters long windmill turbine blade transportation and long bulky goods. VMT Telescopic Trailers are noted for their highly robust frames and outstanding stability of the extension beam. the high standard of the workmanship and welding process ensures easy adjustment of the extension beams. VMT Telescopic Trailer can be adjusted to fit any size or band of Turbine Blade, VMT can provide you the customized wind blade trailer to meet your transport requirements.

The VMT Telescopic Trailer or Blade/Tower Carrier is designed specifically to accommodate a variety of turbine blade sizes, styles, and lengths. Its narrow, double-telescopic, mono-frame main... together with a low-profile gooseneck... keeps overall dimensions to a minimum. And, with hydraulic turntable-style steering, even today's extra-long blades can be maneuvered with ease while in transit or at the job site. VMT 's blade trailers have operated in most areas of South and West India and have quickly become the trailer of choice by blade manufacturers.

VMT’s Specialized Trailers can design a hauling solution for any need. Our products for hauling wind blades, wind turbines and wind towers have proven to be the most efficient, lightest-weight option in their class.

VMT is a specialized heavy haul trailer manufacturer in India with over 60 years of production experience and strong technical strength, its 45 and 52-Meter Telescopic Trailers have successfully entered into many countries of the world.


  • Longer Warranty – Always striving to surpass market standards, all new VMT products feature a 5-year structural warranty
  • I-Beams – VMT’s one-piece construction results in stronger products. Trailer I-beams are made from one-piece web and flange and then welded on all sides
  • BM – The VMT BM is prepped for deck inserts which allow you to reach over 200 feet in length overall.
  • Indicators – Red/green indicator lights on the toolbox front and rear signal if the power unit is on or off.
  • Oversize Load Sign – increases safety by alerting others of the trailers' load.
  • High Tensile Alloy Steel – provide weight savings, as they are lighter than standard steel
  • Any Blade Model – 24-inch rolling and non-rolling load bunks are position able on any area of the beam to accommodate various blade models.
  • Self-steering System – automatically rotates axles to keep them in alignment with the puller at all times. The kingpin rotates and prompts the axles to track with it.
  • Maximum Length 45 – 60M – The long trailer extends to over 60 meters using a telescoping beam system.
  • Trusted Technology – The telescoping main beam and pull-out bumper use VMT 's trusted extendable technology to extend smoothly.
  • Premium Paint – VMT’s new premium paint process, featuring sandblasting, includes a full 1-year warranty

VMT has a series of Telescopic Trailers (Mechanical/Hydraulic) and are available with following options:

a) Telescopic Trailer Mechanical (Alpine) Code: TTM-45M/3X
b) Telescopic Trailer Mechanical (Rangy) Code: TTM-52M/3X
c) Telescopic Trailer Mechanical (Lanky) Code: TTM-60M/4X


Painting a) Machine blasting Airless blast cleaning with metallic shot
b) Manual blasting Cleaning & refinement of the material surface
c) Joint sealing To prevent the spread of rust in gaps and paintwork
d) Priming 2 coats of primer besides active corrosion protection
e) Top coat Final coating with 2 coats of Axalta paint
f) Sealing To prevent corrosion in corners and hollow spaces

VMT is the only manufacturer not only in India but also in the whole of Asia in terms of making Telescopic Trailers to transport extremely long and heavy components for onshore and offshore wind turbines. As a competent manufacturer, VMT always offers the right and most economical vehicles configuration. It has the proven vehicle technology, perfect round-the-clock service, expertise, extensive know-how, and professional project engineering. Once a transporter buys VMT product, always remains with VMT and relies only on VMT whatever may be the situation.

With the VMT TELESCOPIC TRAILER any self-supporting long load can be transported. The TELESCOPIC TRAILER can be put to work with the greatest efficiency and at the lowest possible transport costs. The operational cost of this trailer is least expensive than the HYDRAULIC AXLES with a maximum pay load capacity of 55 Tons. This trailer enables your transport operator to transport the concrete & steel structures. In addition, it can also be used as a mega windmill transporter and super wing carrier. VMT guarantees that the load floor can be retracted or extended without any difficulty.