Side wall Trailers

General information

VMT trailers are tough built for heavy-duty transport jobs and well-known for the highest reliability in roughest conditions. VMT always uses high-quality alloy/high tensile steel for the chassis and superstructure and European and Indian components. Its trailers are robust, reliable, durable, and easy to maintain. Its all trailers are custom-built from the ground up without compromises. VMT tailors individually trailers and vehicles to every transport requirement and particular tasks.

VMT is one of the leading manufacturers of SIDE WAL TRAILERS and its trailers are designed keeping the road conditions and the operators/drivers in mind who expect the highest standards of performance and international quality. VMT trailers are robustly designed and built, last longer and require minimum maintenance with an amazing low unladen weight. Whether you are loading cement, steel, any construction materials, etc, VMT’s every SIDE WALL TRAILER is engineered with robust capacity you can rely on. The construction is composed of a one-piece high-quality steel main beam, a strong floor with sidewall frame and many more components that provide very beneficial weight savings to its customers.


VMT a well-known & trusted name and an international brand in the world of Side Wall Trailers. It has gained immense accolades among its customers with its best efforts, hard-work of its professionals to relish the success as a leading manufacturer of Side Wall Trailers.

An excellent Side Wall Trailer from VMT. Easy towing, durable, feature-rich VMT trailers are the first choice of not only Transport & Logistics companies but also the other relevant industries.

As the cost of fuel, parts, labour, and general maintenance increases you need to maximize your equipment's pay load per mile. With VMT 's Side Wall Trailer you can do just that. VMT's blend of our trusted heavy-duty Side Wall and expertly engineered multi-vehicle design will be a profitable addition to your fleet.

The field of vehicle transport experiences increasing demands and applications. That’s why VMT extends its range of solutions – developments, construction and manufacturing out of one hand. Efficiency and adherence of the highest quality standards are indeed a matter for VMT and its vehicles.

VMT offers an extensive range of high-quality Side Wall Trailers with the valuable assistance of a skilled-team of professionals. VMT’s Side Wall Trailers are manufactured using optimum quality raw materials and the latest production technologies in order to ensure its strength.


  • Lowest loading height
  • Light weight, high strength, & low maintenance
  • Higher quality paint process
  • Vehicle frame with high bending moment
  • Best manoeuvrability
  • Excellent suspension system
  • High mileage and low wear due to axle and brake system
  • Optimized for use on the road and on the construction sites with maximum loads
  • Steerability of axles are excellent due to which trailer is capable of cruising at high speed without wobbling


  • Good value & all-inclusive instant pricing
  • No hidden charges
  • Top- rated customer service since 1960
  • A designated transport coordinator assigned to each order
  • VMT is an actual CAR guy and knows trailers of all types
  • VMT knows how to make the system work best for YOU and also is transparent
  • You can count on VMT

VMT SIDE WALL TRAILERS are available with following options:

A) 23 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Two-Axle) Code: SWCT-23FT/2X
B) 24 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Two-Axle) Code: SWCT-24FT/2X
C) 26 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Two-Axle) Code: SWCT-26FT/2X
D) 26 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Three-Axle) Code: SWCT-26FT/3X
E) 28 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Two-Axle) Code: SWCT-28FT/2X
F) 28 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Three-Axle) Code: SWCT-28FT/3X
G) 30 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Two-Axle) Code: SWCT-30FT/2X
H) 30 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Three-Axle) Code: SWCT-30FT/3X
I) 40 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Two-Axle) Code: SWCT-40FT/2X
J) 40 Feet Side Wall Trailer (Three-Axle) Code: SWCT-40FT/3X

VMT’s all types of Side Wall Trailers are designed by its qualified professionals who are supported by our technologically advanced vast infrastructural unit at Manesar Plant.


Giving you reliable transportation and safety for your materials or other cargo is our focus. That’s why VMT Side Wall Trailers are equipped with innovative, safe, and convenient features that many other manufacturers offer as options.

  • Easy and precise loading and unloading provide load safety and efficiency
  • Flexible operation in case of permanently changing loading demands
  • Unmatched warranty
  • Competitive rates
  • Especially flexible for extreme road conditions
  • User-friendly and low-maintenance
  • Reliable and very robust
  • Excellent loading factor and all flexibility to optimize the loads
  • Its compact and modular structure results in excellent cost-effectiveness and operation efficiency
  • Advanced techniques from both Europe and India.
  • Key parts of this trailer have been equipped with high-quality fitting purchased from those famous brands both at home and aboard.

If you can imagine it, chances are we can build it for you. Our goal is to provide you with the best Side Wall Trailers for your particular hauling situation. VMT makes complete customized Side Wall Trailers to be the Perfect Fit for you.


  • High-quality & light weight steel construction, fully galvanized
  • Rear and sidewall LED marking lights
  • Mechanical/Air suspension with dropped YORK tandem axles
  • Brake system with Anti Block System EBS and stability control assistant
  • Protected against spraying water from the road by metal sheet
  • Electric system completely according to International standards


Model: Side Wall Conventional Trailer 2018 Product Code: VMT/SWCT-18
Overall length – Varies Overall width – 2590 mm Unladen Height – Varies
Loading Capacity – Varies Axles – 1 to 4 (capacity 13 tons per axle)
Suspension – VMT 9 leaf tridem suspension Tyre – JK (Nylon) or equivalent
Disc wheel/Rim – Suitable with tyres Kingpin – YORK or equivalent 2”
Landing gear – YORK or equivalent one set of double speed lading leg at the front end.
CHASSIS All steel welded construction. Main longitudinal members: 2 Nos “I” section of material IS 2062 + EBR 350 Equivalent running along full length of the trailer. Rolled cross member of material IS-2062 are positioned at suitable locations to support the pallets. 3.15 mm thick chequered sheet shall be provided.
AXLES 13-ton capacity tandem solid axles with highly precision engineered spindle ends to receive taper roller bearings, hub and brake drum. Hubs have 10 bolts at PCD 335 mm for drum/rim fixation.
Dual line air brake system coupled with tractor brake system. Trailer brakes are actuated from tractor. Parking brake is manually actuated. Brake chamber T30/T24 is provided in all axles. LQRV provided for Break efficiency
a) Machine blasting Airless blast cleaning with metallic shot
b) Manual blasting  Cleaning & refinement of the material surface
c) Joint sealing  To prevent the spread of rust in gaps and paintwork
d) Priming  2 coats of primer besides active corrosion protection
e) Top coa Final coating with 2 coats of Axalta paint
f) Sealing  To prevent corrosion in corners and hollow spaces
VMT reserves the right to modify or change specification at any time!


Starting from date of vehicle taking over, 12 months unconditional warranty on body and welded construction. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of broken parts due to construction faults and does not cover damage caused by improper use.