Rangy 52-Meter Telescopic Trailer — Code: TTM-52M/3X

VMT is a specialized heavy haul trailer manufacturer in India with over 60 years of production experience and strong technical strength, its 52-Meter Telescopic Trailer has successfully entered into many countries of the world.

VMT’s TTM-52M ensures maximum transport efficiency, safety and is suitable as a mega windmill transporter. Whether you are looking for a mega windmill transporter, a super wing carrier or the transport of any other self-supporting load: VMT offers you a latest version of TTM-52M to perfectly meet your specific transport requirements.


  • Wind mill industry to carry blades and towers
  • Long materials, and heavy loads
  • Bridge elements
  • Crane systems like cranes, weights, crane components
  • Long material transport on public roads
  • Offshore structures like drilling platforms, wind turbines, platforms, pipelines, etc.
  • Pipeline elements
  • Ships or parts of ships
  • Structural elements like steels and concrete elements
  • Transport on public roads with a payload of up to 45 tons

To transport extremely heavy and long windmill turbine blade – Telescopic Trailer from VMT is the ideal solution with double to triple extendable decks and a loading length of up to 45 meters, a VMT Telescopic Trailer adapts perfectly to haul 52 meters to 75 meters long windmill turbine blade transportation and long bulky goods. VMT Telescopic Trailers are noted for their highly robust frames and outstanding stability of the extension beam. the high standard of the workmanship and welding process ensures easy adjustment of the extension beams. VMT Telescopic Trailer can be adjusted to fit any size or band of Turbine Blade, VMT can provide you the customized wind blade trailer to meet your transport requirements.


  • Lowest operational & maintenance costs in comparison to HYDRAULIC AXLES
  • Minimum tire wear
  • From 23 meters (retracted) to 52 meters (extended) length
  • Transport the 40 meters to 60 meters Windmill Turbine Blade.
  • Loading capacity is up to 40 ton
  • Steerable axles, all wheels steering
  • Any self-supporting long load
  • Approved from VRDE & iCAT
  • 55° turning angle of the wheels more than any other manufacturers
  • Optimized for use on the road and on the construction sites with high loads
  • Useful for Wind mill industry, Precast beams, Concrete & steel structures
  • Vehicle frame with high bending moment
  • High mileage, low wear, and excellent brake system
  • Highly robust frames and outstanding stability of extension beam
  • Mechanical spring suspension, air suspension or hydraulic suspension is an option
  • Manual valve operation and wireless remote control
  • The booms are easy to extend or retract without much effort.
  • International quality imported Drag Chain in the booms (IGUS)
  • Cheaper than any other manufacturer

Loading Capacity: is 40,000 kg when loaded on combination. Collapsed condition Trailer has been tested and approved by VRDE – a Defence agency for testing of vehicles.


Aval sets: 45M, 52M, & 60M GVW: 63,500 kg Overall retracted length: 23,310 mm
Wheel base: 1,950 mm Payload: 45,000 kg Overall extended length: 52,000 mm
Axle distance: 1,950 mm Tare weight: 19,500 kg Rear bed length: 15,700 mm
# of wheels: 12 Steering angle: 55° Overall width: 55,000 mm
Speed @: 35 – 45 km/h Tires: 1020 (size) Overall height (unladen): 1,600 mm
Brake: Pneumatic system Axles: 3 and 4 Platform thickness: 3 – 5 mm
Floor: Flat extendible load floor     Turning radius: 14 meters


YORK or equivalent – Axles with pneumatic suspensions, tridem, fully dressed-up fitted with 10 bolts. 1st axle with lift arrangement. 13,000 kg each axle capacity.

Brakes WABCO – Tridem axle trailer brakes, it’s a two lines system compatible with the puller, all pipes are housed in telescopic booms. Twin line air brake system comparable with prime mover. All components are of WABCO. Pipe lines are with PU pipes. Thus, no rusting which may cause faulty breaking.
Chassis TATA or equivalent Welded steel structure with a central beam of Box Section. To this, beams are attached cross members and longitudinal side skirt to form the main structure. The entire structure is covered with 4 mm chequered plate to form the platform. The centre box beam houses three more box beams which are designed to telescope into each other and the main box. The beams can be extended or collapsed in steps of one meter and locked at desired length by Pneumatic locking. 
Electrical FIEM – 24 V DC Includes tail lamp, red reflector. convoy lamps on each side. two beacon lights mounted on the goose neck; brakes lamp & direction indicators;
Extension Booms  3 nos’ Telescopic
Goose-neck 4100 mm (Length) – Welded steel structure covered by 4 mm chequered plate to form the platform. This house steering system and the various hydraulic components. The from under surface carries the king pin and the rubbish plate fitted with slew bearing.
Kingpin YORK or equivalent – Día 2 inches, provided on front end of the trailer for coupling with 5th wheel mounted on tractor.
Landing Legs YORK or equivalent – Two speed geared type manual legs for simultaneous lifting. Static capacity 80T, lifting capacity 28T. Provided with swivel foot for stable support.
Locking of Booms Pneumatic at every one metre distance
Rims Kalyani-Lemmerz or equivalent – Size: 7.5 x 20 with 10 holes
Steering of Axles Hydro mechanical system with automatic steering through goose neck, or manual steering with an angle of 55°.
Suspension YORK or equivalent Air Ride Suspension with maximum working pressure of 7-5 kg/cm
Tyre Apollo or equivalent Size: 8.25 x 20 – 16 PR (Nylon pneumatic)
Steering system Hydro-Mechanical System using single cylinder in front and the rear. This System allows the puller to turn to extreme angle (However extreme may be) without causing any damage to the system. This gives greater manuarability for sharper radius. This system has been so deigned that it follows smoothly and without any time lag with the puller.
Turntable JOST or equivalent German made for the purpose of steering of wheels.
Hydraulic System Components: All components are of German made Hydac/Stauff
Rubber hoses:   Gates/Parker make on demand, or else Kavitsu
Fittings:             are hyloc make with ferrules of high capacity pressure

VMT reserves the right to modify or change specification at any time!

VMT professional engineering team is always ready to provide you with a set of well-integrated solutions that meet your transportation needs and your local regulations. VMT engineering team can communicate with you anytime to fully understand your needs, the solutions include the product design, product material, and product drawings.

VMT warmly welcomes all to visit its office and plants and for business negotiations. VMT always does its best to produce the most durable Telescopic Trailer to support you forever.

Warranty: Starting from date of vehicle taking over, 12 months unconditional warranty on body and welded construction. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of broken parts due to construction faults and does not cover damage caused by improper use.

If a TELESCOPIC TRAILER is what you are looking for, you are more than welcome to request a QUOTE, which is of course, free-of-charge. Together, we will find a solution that best fits your transportation needs, so that you will everyday experience the greatest possible added value for your business.

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